Rather than form opinions, we prefer to spend our efforts and research identifying facts and then letting the facts decide.  Sometimes the facts are absolute, but frequently the facts are statistical.  Accordingly we are heavy users of mathematics and statistics. 

Facts that originate outside of the market, say from macroeconomics, are commonly labelled as fundamental information, whereas facts originating from market processes are labelled as technical information.  Some researchers draw distinctions between the two sources, but we disdain doing so;  facts are facts, period.  A reasonable agreement among facts dictates action, whereas disagreement suggests inaction.  Those who keep that perspective and eliminate that which causes mental clutter will do very well.  Good thoughts to live by, and good thoughts to invest by.

Tools We Use:
Most of our research is performed using MSTWIZARD.  Although that software is publicly available, our skills with it are paramount and our techniques unique. 

Data Sources:
On a daily basis we use at least 17 different data sources.  All of them are publicly available for little or no cost.  That is, the raw data is not proprietary

Our Customers:
Money management firms and mutual funds frequently outsource various functions of their business.  Research into various management techniques has to be up to date so that when the markets adapt, the manager is not using last year’s (or the prior decade’s) decision making tools.  Having a non-biased second opinion from an outside professional helps keep the work objective.  Research and trading are areas of MathInvest’s expertise, and we provide assistance to those with a need, such as investment professionals.